Lake Louise in Banff National Parl

Exploring Calgary during Terminus Festival

Terminus Festival: Velocity brought Steve and I to beautiful Alberta and, in our typical power-adventure-duo fashion, we set off exploring the peripheries and hunting choice meats.

Calgary and its vicinity retain a pioneer enthusiasm lost in my home, Toronto. It’s among the western frontiers of urban development, wrapped in some of the most sublime wild vistas Canada has to offer.

Banff National Park

Full disclosure: I’ve never travelled outside central Canada.

Notwithstanding club debaucheries in Montreal and forest adventures throughout Ontario, I’m utterly ignorant of the breadth and beauty of this country.

We landed Thursday morning at YYC and snagged a rental car for the first leg of our adventure: The Rockies.

Rockies from Banff panorama
Rockies from Banff panorama

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Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara travel guide

When I was planning my trip to Guadalajara, I found very little information was available. There’s a handy wikitravel article, but that’s about it.


So I put together a Guadalajara travel guide: an account of my experience as an unassuming tourist, stumbling around town scarfing down tacos and 40 cent frappuccinos, getting utterly lost, and making really strange friends.

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