Kensington market, Toronto

Goth WikiTravel – Toronto during Aftermath Festival

From the smouldering remains of Kinetik sprung Aftermath, Toronto’s leading dark electronic music festival. Between August 27 to the 30th Darker Side of Light Productions bring you no less than 24 amazing acts from around the world.

Aftermath Festival c. Darker Side of Light 2015

When we visited Calgary for Terminus Festival, I was constantly amused by all the imported freaks marauding through town.

I can only hope Aftermath will likewise bring an influx of dyed & pierced weirdos into my city. I love you guys as much as I love Toronto, and I want you to have a blast during your stay.

So this one is for you, black-clad migratory droves:

c. Vik Pahwa
c. Vik Pahwa

Toronto is a wicked city

You’ll probably hear your fair share of drunken mourning over the lost virility of our alternative scene; I’ve heard that in every single city I’ve visited and really dislike that brand of self-deprecating bullshit.

I guarantee Toronto will be a vibrant and lively experience. Trust me: walking around and alternative parties are kinda my thing.

Consider this a weird-kid tourist guide: Wikitravel Toronto the Goth Edition.

Here’s something I wish every city had: a collection of neat stuff to do and see around town, catered for the alternative demographic, in a universal geotagged platform you can access on your phone.

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Recipe: Syn’s Epic Miso Soup


Inspired by Ravi Soup on King St. I decided to make an epic miso soup that’s a whole meal in bowl. This is so filling, healthy and absolutely delicious. It also keeps and reheats very well for a few days so I usually make larger batches of it.

Miso soup is made out of miso paste, kelp knots and Katsuobushi (dried bonito fish flakes). I used this guide to making Dashi stock as practice the day before attempting the final soup.

dashi ingredients: miso paste bonito flakes kelp knots

You can easily source both ingredients at pretty much any grocery store in Toronto’s Chinatown. I also acquired most of the other ingredients fresh from Hua Sheng Supermarket or across the street at Oriental Harvest.

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