Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara travel guide

When I was planning my trip to Guadalajara, I found very little information was available. There’s a handy wikitravel article, but that’s about it.


So I put together a Guadalajara travel guide: an account of my experience as an unassuming tourist, stumbling around town scarfing down tacos and 40 cent frappuccinos, getting utterly lost, and making really strange friends.

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Recipe: Kit’s Baja Fish Taco

Baja Fish Taco

Kit’s infamous Baja Fish Tacos finally revealed!

I’d be hard pressed to make that sentence more awkward, but these things are -really- delicious and very easy to make. In my infinite ignorance, I thought double-stacked shells filled with ground meat and laden with cheese and sour cream were the highlight of the tortilla genre. Kit took me on an anti-Tex Mex culinary adventure that completely redefined my appreciation of tacos.

We’ve gone hunting for authentic Mexican taco places around Toronto since and found a few great places like Tacos el Asador and El Trompo in Kensington. Reviews to come.

Anyway, she’s made these a few times so far and adjusted the recipe to our optimal level of spice. You can vary the amount of cayenne to your own liking. We like our fish tacos hot 🙂 Continue reading “Recipe: Kit’s Baja Fish Taco”