Modular Synthesizer by Bit Reduction

Burning Chrome featuring Bit Reduction & Prospero electronic improv sessions

On September 12th, Bit Reduction and Prospero took to the stage at Burning Chrome.

Bit Reduction

For this performance he patched a modular synthesizer system from scratch, building the sound up cable by cable, using very little external gear. The only preconceived notion was to exploit feedback paths. As such, the result was unpredictable, harsh, and largely unpleasant – in the best of ways.



The result was an eclectic and memorable experience that left everyone calling for more. Follow Craig Renaud’s project on his soundcloud page and stay tuned for future performances.




Born as a solo project in August 2001 under musician and DJ Wade Anderson, Prospero’s music fuses traditional industrial electronics with a variety of acoustic percussion and exotic instruments. In their fifth album “Paradise or Apocalypse” Prospero continues to explore new themes galvanized by the addition of tribal and folk elements as well as vocals from Sandford and Veela.

Check out clips from the performance here:



The Dames of Noise return to Burning Chrome

WASP Synthesizer poster for Dames of Noise 2.0 featuring Ar13l, Saucy Miso, Synescape, Skeletalkitten and Ataraxia
Dames of Noise v.2.0

The ladies are back with another night of aural mayhem: Dames of Noise v.2.0

Join us FRIDAY THE 13TH @2872 Dundas West for back to back sets of industrial, IDM, aggrotech and noise brought to you by the Baronesses of Badass:


Doors at 10pm
19+ at the bar


Join the Burning Chrome group here:

Burning chrome WSG. Bitter Harvest & Ho Ssy

Burning Chrome feat. Bitter Harvest & Ho Ssy


Keep your receptors filled:


Coordinating a hypnotic mix of dark and dubby ambient with industrial influences, long-standing Toronto performer Scott Mackay will be gracing our stage with his newest distorted symphonies.

[[ HO SSY ]]

No words can do justice to Ho Ssy’s fusion of acoustic instruments and synthesized beats. He returns to BC to once more tantalize our audiences with his tribal experimental sound.

[ + ] [[ SYNESCAPE ]]

Your resident DJ filling in with the best and newest in noise, experimental and IDM.

—- [[ H.Y.P.E.R.T.E.X.T.S.T.Y.L.E.S ]] Cyberpunk gear & trinkets vendor

19+ to drink PWYC


Burning Chrome takes place on the 2nd Friday of every month. Follow us here:

Subterra Sessions feat. Synescape & Skeletalkitten

JULY 26 – Once again we invite the ladies of Burning Chrome and special guest AR13L to join forces for an all Industrial Noise night.

You asked for it, we’ve heard you, and as high summer peaks, it’s time to let the angry music out of the cage and run wild for one incredible night of the hardest beats in Toronto.

With music by:


:WARNING: This is not your regular Industrial night, this is Noise, including Power Noise – Rhythmic Noise – IDM – and anything glitchy, bass powered, stompy and angry.

Cover is Pay-what-you-can PWYC donation
Doors open at 10pm
19+ Event
July 26 2013
152 Augusta Ave. Kensington Market

Burning Chrome presents: Dames of Noise v.1


Hell hath no fury like these noisy ladies!


For over ten years, Razorgrrl has been a cornerstone in the Toronto industrial club scene. This self-proclaimed industrial-rivethead-bitch wrote the book on rhythm and distortion

[[ ARIEL_13 ]]

A tempest brewing on the horizon finally touches down at BC. The mistress of discord transmits for the first time bringing the grittiest noise spun into sound torrents


Saucy has a passion for music that is hard, fast and electronic! Music reviewer G33K PR0N, Resident DJ at K market’s underground music showcase Subterra and host of the Eve-Radio weekly broadcast.


A treat for the eclectic listener, this twisted kitten lays down smooth dark electronics and surreal sound pulses unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


Out of the babel of tongues and frequencies comes a voice and it plays a mighty noise. When power electronics are the name of the game, little red delivers a mighty racket.


—- [[ H.Y.P.E.R.T.E.X.T.S.T.Y.L.E.S ]] Cyberpunk gear & trinkets vendor

19+ to drink PWYC


Burning Chrome takes place on the 2nd Friday of every month. Follow us here:

Burning Chrome feat. Autovoice & Dj High Voltage + Visuals by SΛRIN

Burning Chrome feat. Autovoice live

Burning Chrome returns to its home at 2872 Dundas Street West on April 12th with yet another sublime guest performance by AUTOVOICE with Projection Visuals by SΛRIN.

Prepare your ears for strange symphonies…

[ Autovoice + Visuals by SΛRIN ]

Founded in 1995 in congruence with the artistic vision of Johnny S., Autovoice is an experiment combining the raw energy of industrial, sombre dark ambient influences and noise accents. Through numerous collaborations with other artists, Autovoice has evolved a singularly eccentric and nebulously alluring sound, delivering indelible live performances. ] ] ]

[ DJ High Voltage ]

Jarod had his start as a DJ in the Oshawa area in 1992. At the end of 1994
he became a frequent guest at The Catacombs in Toronto for Sound Sphere,
a showcase for abstract electronica and IDM. He watched his friends from back home develop industrial and synth projects such as Technocratz, Auracle and Autovoice. He then guested at the Lust & Rust parties on Richmond Street, hosted by DJ Mars. These eventually became the more populist event known as The Freak Show. For this set, Jarod will be returning to his roots, presenting a wide-ranging retrospective of his more creative gigs throughout the nineties. Several tracks will be taken directly from his sets for the Smerk parties at Holy Joe’s / The Big Bop which were hosted by Peter of Belladonna Killz. This set is dedicated to him.


[ Skeletalkitten & Synescape ]
The sonically deviant duo serving the most exquisite selection of noise, experimental, IDM, dark ambient and witch house.

Burning Chrome wsg. Iron Imp & ϟ†Nϟ

Burning Chrome feat. Iron Imp and SINS

February 8th @ The Devil’s Cellar

We’re back with another skull pounding night of noise, experimental & IDM.

Our special guests this month are so twisted they flawlessly execute gordian knots with sound waves. Join us in welcoming a one-of-a-kind live performance and two extraordinary guest DJs:

The insurrectionary sound surgeon is ready to chisel your Corpus Callosum with never before heard tonescapes. From the 905 foundries, comes an industrial onslaught that will leave you breathless.

[ ϟ†Nϟ ]
ϟ†Nϟ exists outside of time and space. The music and art made by ϟ†Nϟ focuses on coming to terms with the bleak remains of our dying world and transforming the pain into something cosmic and beautiful.

An aural weapon of mass destruction unleashes its apocalyptic fury on our stage. Cataclysm and delight eddy into an synaptic cocktail that will strike an awe into your senses.


[ Skeletalkitten & Synescape ]
Spinning noise, experimental, IDM and dark ambient


Gear & trinkets from special vendor
[ H.Y.P.E.R.T.E.X.T.S.T.Y.L.E.S ]

>> PWYC All Ages 19+ at the bar
>> The Devil’s Cellar
>> 2872 Dundas Street West in the basement of Celt’s Pub