Five things I’ve learned scooting in Toronto


1. Your safety is your responsibility.

This effectively means it’s your job to make sure you don’t get hit by other drivers. In my experience car drivers range from mildly distracted to outright brain dead, and although you’re likely to be in the right when they hit you, that’ll be little consolation when you’re in a full body cast. Which leads us to the second principle of scootin’:

2. You are fragile!

Think of yourself as a delicate butterfly in a universe of rampaging pachyderms. No matter what bike you have, you’re a tiny little speck on the road and you are very vulnerable to the elements around you. Car drivers barrel down the road surrounded by 2 tones of metal so you can imagine they have large blindspots and are overall less attentive to their environment. Always give them a wide berth and expect unsignalled turns and last minute decisions.

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Ode to Spright – the little scoot that could

It was love at the first sight:

Honda PCX 150 2013 model


I met her on the sales floor of the Motoretta store on College Street and her smooth curves and slick body were forever pressed into my mind.

Driving a car in downtown Toronto is insanity so I had long ago decided that I’m going to be a two wheeled motorist for the better half of the year that allows me to do so. The decision that remained was between a motorcycle and a decent engine size scooter that I could take to highway speeds.

The decision process went a little like this:

Photo on 2014-08-20 at 11.43 AM #2

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