The Mason Jar Experiment Part 2: Noodling around with new flavours

It’s a while since I published the Mason Jar Salad Experiment and it has bred disciples in the break room.

As much as I love the giant colourful bowls of fresh veggies, however it’s time for something new, and with how cold the winter has been, what better way to get cozy than with a delicious noodle soup.


I’m in love with these already!

It’s given me the opportunity to explore some fun new flavours and ingredients I’ve never cooked with before.

Check out the breakdown here:

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Mason jar salads

The Mason Jar Salad Experiment

Instagram makes food look so delicious; especially these crazy concoctions.

I keep seeing the #masonjarsalad tag all over the place, accompanying pictures of artistic veggie arrangements that make your mouth water.

Mason jar salad recipes

It’s been a long, adventure filled summer and, sadly, my eating habits have suffered as a result.

I’m way too busy to prepare lunches every day and takeout salads are usually disappointing and quite expensive.

With all that in mind, I decided to jump on the Mason Jar Salad bandwagon.

Mason jar Greek salad

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Recipe: Thai Green Curry Soup

Home cooked dinners have been a challenge lately. Between working fiendishly on paintings for the Winter Bazaar of the Bizarre, writing reviews for all the awesome shows and albums I’ve enjoyed this fall, a new found love of jogging AND my full time job, I just don’t have enough hours in the day.

I still try to indulge in home made food simply because I like knowing what’s in my meals – even when they’re bacon wrapped nonsense or booze filled milkshakes – and because it’s economical for both my financial and nutritional budgets.

My solution has thus been big batch cooking. I make enormous pots of chillies, soups and stews which I can get 3-4 meals out of with minimal effort towards tossing a side salad or cooking a cup of rice. Since I’ve been craving Thai food all month I decided to experiment with green curry.



This soup came out delicious!

It’s hot and creamy, a quick serving is all it takes to defrost me after a chilly run, and a big bowl fills me for the whole evening. Plus the ingredients are no surprise – simple things you can get at your corner store, and you can toss in more fresh veggies while reheating it to make each meal more substantial.


Give it a try!

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Recipe: Apricot Baked Haddock & Noodle Salad

Some days I meal plan, shop deliberately, and execute recipes with tactical strike precision.

Other days I plant myself in front of the fridge to rank veggies by their HP and nuke the squishiest among them.

This new culinary creation is of the latter variety, and it was an absolute triumph!

And bonus points, it contains minimal salt and oil making it super healthy.

Iron Chef challenge: haddock!

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