Recipe: Thai Green Curry Soup

Home cooked dinners have been a challenge lately. Between working fiendishly on paintings for the Winter Bazaar of the Bizarre, writing reviews for all the awesome shows and albums I’ve enjoyed this fall, a new found love of jogging AND my full time job, I just don’t have enough hours in the day.

I still try to indulge in home made food simply because I like knowing what’s in my meals – even when they’re bacon wrapped nonsense or booze filled milkshakes – and because it’s economical for both my financial and nutritional budgets.

My solution has thus been big batch cooking. I make enormous pots of chillies, soups and stews which I can get 3-4 meals out of with minimal effort towards tossing a side salad or cooking a cup of rice. Since I’ve been craving Thai food all month I decided to experiment with green curry.



This soup came out delicious!

It’s hot and creamy, a quick serving is all it takes to defrost me after a chilly run, and a big bowl fills me for the whole evening. Plus the ingredients are no surprise – simple things you can get at your corner store, and you can toss in more fresh veggies while reheating it to make each meal more substantial.


Give it a try!

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Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Strawberries

Dessert is always a challenge as my girlfriend is not a fan of “sweets” (I know *gasp*)… unless of course they’re wrapped in bacon. I should mention, this is the only way I’ve gotten her to ingest fruit this year other than our notorious Smooth Buzzies.

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Recipe: Coconut Shrimp & Thai Coconut Rice

Coconut Mania!

Surfing the myriad threads of the web I stumbled across a fascinating statistic: coconut falls kill more people each year than shark attacks.

Like any normal person, my reaction was “that sounds delicious, let’s make that for dinner”. Since shark wasn’t readily available…

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