Montreal Goth presents: Bal Infernal 3rd edition

This past weekend I was invited to the beautiful city of Montreal to be part of the illustrious Bal Infernal.

The third incarnation of the event featured performances by Psygore and End to End plus local DJ and Montreal Goth aficionado JC Tremblay.

What a phenomenal experience!


Clad in their black finery, Montrealites came out in droves and were welcomed before the show outside the gates of Coop Katacombes.

The Montreal alternative community is very different from any I’ve encountered before. There is an unprecedented level of familiarity among the lovely patrons and their organizers. I felt like I was admitted into a big freaky family and had the pleasure to meet so many unique characters.

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Burning Chrome feat. Jairus Khan & Dreamstate Seven

Burning Chrome wsg. Dreamstate Seven & Jairus Khan

January 11th @ The Devil’s Cellar

We’re back with another skull pounding night of noise, experimental & IDM.

This month’s sonic assault brings your two Toronto heavyweights lighting up the stage with their eclectic sound and visuals!

The man, the legend, the one who needs no introduction (but we’ll give him one anyway). The creative genius behind Ad.ver.sary whose musical talent is compounded by his critical rejection of norm and astute social commentary.

After years in the Toronto alternative scene, we can faithfully say “There ain’t no party like a Dreamstate party”. Long time promoter, organizer and DJ extraordinaire joins us with the most eclectic and tantalizing picks of his vast musical array.


[ Skeletalkitten & Synescape ]
Spinning noise, experimental, IDM and dark ambient

>> PWYC All Ages 19+ at the bar
>> 2872 Dundas Street West in the basement of Celt’s Pub

Burning Chrome feat. Ho Ssy & CompUterus

Powerlines poster for Ho Ssy and CompUterus performing live at Burning Chrome
Burning Chrome wsg. Ho Ssy and CompUterus Live

December 14th @ The Devil’s Cellar

>> Featuring guest performances by

[ compUterus ]
A blast from a dystopian future, power electronics and a noise soundscape that will overwhelm your receptors

[ Ho Ssy ]
Experimental street performer, a tantalizing combination of traditional acoustics and digital improvisation


[ DJs Skeletalkitten & Synescape ]

Spinning noise, experimental, IDM and dark ambient

>> PWYC All Ages 19+ at the bar
>> 2872 Dundas Street West in the basement of Celt’s Pub

Burning Chrome – WSG Prospero LIVE & DJ Razorgrrl

Event poster for Burning Chrome WSG Prospero & Razorgrrl
Burning Chrome WSG Prospero LIVE and & DJ Razorgrrl

NOVEMBER 9th 10pm
@ The Devil’s Cellar

Featuring the crunchiest, gnarliest, most earth-shattering noise you will hear in this city.

Skeletalkitten & Synescape bring you a collection of experimental, IDM, power noise, bizarre beats and surreal symphonies that will tantalize your senses.


For over ten years, Razorgrrl has been a cornerstone in the Toronto industrial club scene. She was a founding member of the Toronto Industrial Kollective, working to expand its reach and influence into other branches—TiK Distro, TiK Recordings, the Saturation Bombing Festivals, and now works with record label Bugs Crawling Out of People. In 2004, she started producing the online radio podcast Distorted Circuitry with DJ Morgana, and moved on to become the Podcast Director at ReGen Magazine.


>>>>>>>>> PROSPERO
Prospero is an industrial/rhythmic noise solo project by a long time DJ in the greater Toronto area.
He co-founded sub.session.records releasing A Storm Is Coming and subsequently a double CD entitled Spreading the Infection, was released in 2004 as a split release with France’s brume records. Prospero has contributed tracks to a number of compilations, including Sub.Session and Duo.Tone released by sub.session.records; Saturation Bombing I and II and [tik]co:man:d[sic] by TIK Recordings. He has remixed tracks for other notable [rhythmic noise] artists such as Empusae, s:cage and Converter.

In 2008 Prospero signed to Artoffact Records to release his 3rd CD, Folie à Deux, which contained collaborations with Ayria, Battery Cage. It-clings, and Terrorfakt.


And this month’s awesome poster is a special contribution from Mr. Mike Mleczko who squandered lab time at Stanford creating nano-etchings into a polymer film covered silicon wafer.
The design you’re looking at is in the order of microns.
More info on the process here.

19+ to drink
PWYC at the door


compUterus – COMPUTERUS

Courtesy of



Displacer – FOUNDATION