DIY Horns: Krampus Ball 2015

Krampuslauf in Graz, Austria.

One of many cities that still practices the noble tradition of honouring Krampus. If the idea of a Santa parade makes your black-lipsticked lip curl, this is the party for you:

Krampus is a mythical holiday Boogey-man with roots dating all the way to Iron Age Germanic people. There are proxy creatures in several other European traditions, including my own Romanian folklore, which I shall treat in greater length in a later post (it’s so creepy it warrants manuscripts).

Last year I had the pleasure of attending the annual Toronto Krampus Ball featuring mesmerizing acts from live musicians and performers.

Squid Lid Krampus Ball 2015

To no surprise, Squid Lid‘s unique holiday tradition is back this year!

Krampus is serious business, and “COSTUME ENCOURAGED” means you better show up with horns on.

Krampus Ball 2015 Squid Lid c. DQC Photo
Krampus Ball 2015 Squid Lid c. DQC Photo

Be it Halloween, Krampus, ye olde’ hippie festival in the sticks (everyone does those right?), sometimes life just calls for horns.

Dreamstate and I are industrious, craftsy folks, so we whipped up two awesome pairs of horns using this easy method:

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