Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Strawberries

Dessert is always a challenge as my girlfriend is not a fan of “sweets” (I know *gasp*)… unless of course they’re wrapped in bacon. I should mention, this is the only way I’ve gotten her to ingest fruit this year other than our notorious Smooth Buzzies.

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Recipe: Coconut Shrimp & Thai Coconut Rice

Coconut Mania!

Surfing the myriad threads of the web I stumbled across a fascinating statistic: coconut falls kill more people each year than shark attacks.

Like any normal person, my reaction was “that sounds delicious, let’s make that for dinner”. Since shark wasn’t readily available…

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Recipe: Smooth Buzzies – Fruit Cocktail

Smoothie This isn’t just a recipe for a delicious cocktail – though it is without a doubt, delicious and *very* alcoholic.

This is a Friday night tradition.

This is the drink that gets sipped through a straw for the two hours it takes to doodle on makeup and execute four outfit changes before hauling into a taxi and hitting the town.

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Recipe: Stuffed Zucchini

Stuffed Zucchini with caesar salad side

I love zucchini. There is literally nothing you can do wrong with zucchini. On the BBQ, in the oven, or in a salad it tastes absolutely delicious and cooks very fast. At 17 calories/100 g it’s a great source of potassium and anti-oxidants. I could make a whole meal of just pan-seared zucchini with salt and pepper, but for a complete meal that hits all the right nutritional notes and plates very nicely, this is one of my favourite recipes.

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Recipe: Apricot Baked Haddock & Noodle Salad

Some days I meal plan, shop deliberately, and execute recipes with tactical strike precision.

Other days I plant myself in front of the fridge to rank veggies by their HP and nuke the squishiest among them.

This new culinary creation is of the latter variety, and it was an absolute triumph!

And bonus points, it contains minimal salt and oil making it super healthy.

Iron Chef challenge: haddock!

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Recipe: Kit’s Baja Fish Taco

Baja Fish Taco

Kit’s infamous Baja Fish Tacos finally revealed!

I’d be hard pressed to make that sentence more awkward, but these things are -really- delicious and very easy to make. In my infinite ignorance, I thought double-stacked shells filled with ground meat and laden with cheese and sour cream were the highlight of the tortilla genre. Kit took me on an anti-Tex Mex culinary adventure that completely redefined my appreciation of tacos.

We’ve gone hunting for authentic Mexican taco places around Toronto since and found a few great places like Tacos el Asador and El Trompo in Kensington. Reviews to come.

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