DOS Game Mini Canvas Collection 2.0

Looks like the nostalgia force is strong in the DOS gaming generation – the last batch of DOS Game tiny canvases sold out in the first half of the day at the last Bazaar of the Bizarre.


The Spring edition of the Bazaar of the Bizarre: Circus Sideshow 2017 takes place on
Sunday, April 16 in its established home at the Pia Bouman School of Ballet and I’m back with a whole new set of itty-bitty-pixely-screens, featuring beloved characters like DopeFish, Stan S. Stanman and Purple Tentacle.

Check out a preview of the new collection here:

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DIY Gel Nail Extensions

It’s been a while since I’ve written a solid DIY guide. It’s tough to follow up on the wildly popular DIY Wool Dreads; to this day my most retweeted, linked and shared post. Fake hair truly is luff.

Supposing you’ve now completed the finger-scalding, hair pulling ritual that is developing your fake mane, it’s time to tend to those hard working hands.

Afterall, what’s a kitty cat without her claws?

Salem filing nails

And so I give you this new guide to full gel nail tip extension manicures, complete with step by step instructions and links to all the products and supplies you need to stock your own mini home salon.

gel nail set

This guide is fairly lengthy so I’ve broken it down into four steps. You can quick jump from here to help you navigate:

Step 1: Precautions

Step 2: Materials

Step 3: Process

Step 4: Care

Let’s begin:

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Hair adventures continued: micro-ring extensions

After years of DIY yarn dreads, LED augmented wigs, 26 different hair colours and every kind of batty hair extensions you can imagine, it occurred to me the only thing I haven’t tried is something that approximates normalcy.

What can I tell ya: I’m just not wired for vanilla.

So I decided to start last year looking like the Little Mermaid.

That seems reasonable, right?

I ended up getting wefts attached with micro rings; they were flawless after four months of wear and I had a really great experience with the Toronto pros who helped out.

If you’re contemplating getting your first hair extensions, take a look at this guide to the common materials used in the process.

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DIY Horns: Krampus Ball 2015

Krampuslauf in Graz, Austria.

One of many cities that still practices the noble tradition of honouring Krampus. If the idea of a Santa parade makes your black-lipsticked lip curl, this is the party for you:

Krampus is a mythical holiday Boogey-man with roots dating all the way to Iron Age Germanic people. There are proxy creatures in several other European traditions, including my own Romanian folklore, which I shall treat in greater length in a later post (it’s so creepy it warrants manuscripts).

Last year I had the pleasure of attending the annual Toronto Krampus Ball featuring mesmerizing acts from live musicians and performers.

Squid Lid Krampus Ball 2015

To no surprise, Squid Lid‘s unique holiday tradition is back this year!

Krampus is serious business, and “COSTUME ENCOURAGED” means you better show up with horns on.

Krampus Ball 2015 Squid Lid c. DQC Photo
Krampus Ball 2015 Squid Lid c. DQC Photo

Be it Halloween, Krampus, ye olde’ hippie festival in the sticks (everyone does those right?), sometimes life just calls for horns.

Dreamstate and I are industrious, craftsy folks, so we whipped up two awesome pairs of horns using this easy method:

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DIY Wool Dreads: Because fake hair is luff

dreadfulI’ve been braiding all kinds of weird stuff in my hair since I was about 16. I’ve had synthetic dreads, wool, foam strips, bits of Rexlace, heat shrink tubing, CAT5 cables and curly phone cords in more colours than Crayola can pack. So in lieu of the scores of questions I get asked about my capillary arts and crafts projects, I thought I would post a short guide to creating a common type of extensions: roving wool dreads.

Fake hair is luff *.

Oh sure.

It’s also an arduous, pain-stakingly slow and tedious process. Regardless of your experience level a few things are certain: you will burn yourself steaming dreads, they will tangle and tear, and you will waste hours trying to correct a mistake only to have it fall apart in your hands. And after all that work, you’ll have tumbleweeds of matted hair blowing around your house for weeks after.

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