Live Review: ohGr wsg Omniflux & Lead into Gold

Take it from a seasoned dancefloor stomper, friends:

No city parties like Montreal!

No scene in Canada is as fervent and so hell-bent to wreck havoc on any given night.

I’ve never been disappointed in the turnout to an event here, so when Ohgr slated to play Foufounes, I climbed into my stompiest boots and drove like a banshee across 500k for the show of the year.

Nevermind they’re playing TO the very next day.

EDIT: literally lacing on my boots for this encore show because it had to happen 😀

This was THE show to be at!


The adventure & live review below:

I know no better partner in crime to these adventures but the one and only Dreamstate Seven. Who else would pull off this kind of power weekend.

And what a weekend it was, a scorching 30 degree Hail Mary that brought everyone to the streets for a genuine harvest bacchanal.

I love the pedestrian initiatives in this city. The St Laurent stretch has a warm communal feeling that is unique to Montreal. There is no shortage of bustling patios and restaurants serving local flavours, all against the backdrop of the city’s numerous stunning murals.

Friday night the city comes to life, a glittering mess of lights and noise.

Of all the sprawling metropoles I’ve haunted, Montreal is just sublimely …#CPAF

So when I received this message from a friend who is clearly tuned in to the right frequency, a childhood sense of glee ignited in me:

Welcome to Hangar51. Where YOU can pilot a Tesla Pod and take control of an 80 tone mech.

Can I … can I move in?

If there is a residency program, I want this place to be my home now & forever.

The folk at Hangar51 were awesome sports and very gracious hosts. I hope this venue hangs around because it is a MTL hotspot for nostalgic gamer geeks.

40 km of walking, 2lb of pancakes and poutine and a litre of Monster later, it was time for the main stage.

Have you been to Foufounes???

My friends, our industrial scene is mighty but our venues are usually… meagre. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to some mangy places in the noble pursuit of obscure noise acts.

This place is something else.

Foufounes Électriques is a classy institution that wears its filth like a badge of honour.

It features three floors of bar space, sprawled across verandas and lofty halls, with an epic stage setup topped by a balcony and lounge.

There’s a humbling sense of the venue’s prolific history, and we grew giddy with excitement as the crowds wandered in to the tune of KMFDM.

Omniflux inaugurated the festivity for enthusiastic crowds, performing excerpts from her first album Aquarelle.

This talented songstress weaves a potent spell, her trip hop inspired sound perfectly assembled to video projections compiled from her own artwork. The multitalented star stole my heart, and became the soundtrack of our long journey home.

Follow her on bandcamp or download the album.

Her sound is a collection of clipped emotive samples and non linear beats, with ambient undertones and a delicious layer of distortion. Mahsa is a new force to be reckoned within the pantheon of avant-garde goddesses.

Omniflux returned to the stage to provide guitar accompaniment to the second act, Lead into Gold.

Ministry’s Paul Barker is hardly a stranger on our humble stages, an industrial legend in his own right. There is a wealth of history and experience in his eyes, a witness and complicit force in formative chapters of alternative electronic that defined an entire generation of delectable weirdos.

With decades of production experience in his pocket, Barker revived his music project in 2017 and has released a new album just this summer, culminating in the tour alongside Ohgr. “The Sun Behind The Sun” is (no pun intended) WaxTrax gold, a slick, modern remastering of fuzzy vintage sound.

Icy cool on stage, Baker plays coy with the limelight as his voice drives the crowd through machine rock ballads.

And the crowd holds its breath.

As a musical icon, Ohgr is an undergrad prerequisite to a tenured, lifelong obsession with the darkest scope of electronic music. Where Skinny Puppy took a headlong plunge into delirious noise abstraction, Nivek stayed the course with a more approachable linear beat structure.

Yet in this case “approachable” is hardly synonymous with “well-adjusted”. He puts on a powerful and surreal spectacle, politically charged and downright creepy at turns.

The magic of Ohgr comes in a tickletrunk full of strange props.

The symbiosis in Ogre’s stage antics and Matthew Setzer’s melodic accompaniment was remarkable, culminating in Bennett’s cathartic drum solo that whipped the crowd into a frenzy. A pastiche of spoken word, distortion and clipped rage, Ohgr’s performance at Foufounes Électriques was singularly majestic.

We stomped the dust bunnies out of the floorboards pleading for an encore, and even in the wake of Ohgr’s grand return to the stage, we were still left craving more.

Across town at Le Bar Shop we reconnected with kindred spirits, the nightlife sprights of our tribe gathered before the stage of well-known fiends DJ Arketype and DJ Harshangel @ Reload.

There could have been no better after-party to discharge the post-show energy and revel amidst the spirits of our dear Montreal freaks.

A la prochain mes amis.



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