Montreal Goth presents: Bal Infernal 3rd edition

This past weekend I was invited to the beautiful city of Montreal to be part of the illustrious Bal Infernal.

The third incarnation of the event featured performances by Psygore and End to End plus local DJ and Montreal Goth aficionado JC Tremblay.

What a phenomenal experience!


Clad in their black finery, Montrealites came out in droves and were welcomed before the show outside the gates of Coop Katacombes.

The Montreal alternative community is very different from any I’ve encountered before. There is an unprecedented level of familiarity among the lovely patrons and their organizers. I felt like I was admitted into a big freaky family and had the pleasure to meet so many unique characters.


The first act to take the stage was Psygore. Hailing from Hamilton, Adam Gore is a one cyborg-man army. Heavy and harsh industrial beats overlaid with his distorted growls kicked off the night at full throttle. For an aggrotech project, his set was not without humour. Error message sampling and a glorious blue screen projection during his set were tongue in cheek geekiness, and a great addition to his lively stage presence.

Check out this great video of his performance here



The second show came from hometown heroes End to End a unique project I can only describe as sci-fi metal. In a world full of industrial acts, End to End are a fresh take on multiple electronica genres, expertly blended with a razor sharp instrumental edge.

They are a sight to behold as well: costumed from head to toe, eyes hidden behind arcane masks, End to End look like a post-apocalyptic militia that takes no prisoners. Their choreography was subtle but effective, not to distract from the music, but sufficient to convey an eerie ambiance, as though the performers were …not quite human.

After the live shows, the rest of the night was divided among DJs. I had the pleasure of sharing the booth with JC Tremblay.

In addition to being a forefront organizer of local events, JC is also a very accomplished videographer. He orchestrated the projections and lighting effects for the entire night, and will surely grace us with more video footage in the coming days.

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