DOS Game Mini Canvas Collection 2.0

Looks like the nostalgia force is strong in the DOS gaming generation – the last batch of DOS Game tiny canvases sold out in the first half of the day at the last Bazaar of the Bizarre.


The Spring edition of the Bazaar of the Bizarre: Circus Sideshow 2017 takes place on
Sunday, April 16 in its established home at the Pia Bouman School of Ballet and I’m back with a whole new set of itty-bitty-pixely-screens, featuring beloved characters like DopeFish, Stan S. Stanman and Purple Tentacle.

Check out a preview of the new collection here:

Commander Keen


I remember this Commander Keen boss with much mirth, but unbeknownst to me DopeFish developed into a legitimate cult icon of the gaming scene. There’s an entire website dedicated to his legend and subsequent cameos across the entertainment industry. I’ve received so many commissions for this little guy, so for the spring Bazaar, her is the full underwater level canvas and two more tiny square Dope Fish.

Swim Swim Hungry! #DOPEFISHLIVES


Full Throttle

Tim Schafer is a legend among men, the designer whose vision elevated the LucasArts gaming experience to its very pinnacle in the adventure gaming era. Full Throttle was one of his early leads, a tale of crime, mystery and redemption set in a dystopian future world of biker gangs and loaded with a rocking soundtrack. This April marks the 22nd year anniversary of this game and with this occasion Double Fine will be releasing a remastered version of Full Throttle!


Amiga to DOSBox on my 2016 MacBook Pro — Lemmings is unstoppable. I’ll never tire of that silly Lemming walk cycle animation or the intricacy of the Mayhem Levels. 15 million copies of this game. How utterly incredible is that?


Day of the Tentacle


“I don’t think you should drink that…”

Obviously I would do another Day of the Tentacle – this was the first to sell. Purple Tentacle is plain and simply the greatest LucasArts villain, and my personal hero.

And while we’re quoting famous lines of my childhood:

“Hey Bernard… float over here so I can punch you”.


Grim Fandango

Straight from the Land of the Dead, the original film noir video game. Combining elements of Aztec mythology, the humour of an episode of the office and a healthy dose of LucasArts unique dark humour, Grim Fandago is according to MetaCritic and GameRankings one of the best games of all time. I illustrated the fortuitous first meeting of Manny & Meche.



Nothing in the adventure gaming catalogue compares to Loom.

Sublimely beautiful, even in its Amiga EGA original, and a literary masterpiece with a rich fantasy plot. Loom’s prequel audio play was a world-building vision far beyond any video game of its day. Plus it’s unique gaming style did not trap you in diabolical puzzles and invited completion like no other point and click adventure.
I can’t even tell you how much I love this game. Dammit Lucas Arts you owe me those two sequels.

Monkey Island 1 & 2


No DOS game collection is complete without these gems.

Grog!!! Grog!!! Grog!!!

Words to live by indeed.

Two tiny canvases are available from The Secret of Monkey Island, LeChuck’s Revenge at the height of LucasArts adventure gaming era: the joyous pirates, and Stan S. Stanman spastic silhouette:
“Aaaaah just look at her… sleek, aerodynamic… a buoyant, barnacle-covered beauty.”


Join me at the Bazaar of the Bizarre Circus Sideshow 2017

Sunday, April 16 10AM – 8PM @

Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement
6 Noble Street, Toronto, ON, Canada


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