The Live Wire series by Synescape Cyberpunk art

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Circus Sideshow

This is hardly the first and certainly not the last you will find me pontificating about the Bazaar of the Bizarre.

Plastic Wrap presents the The Bazaar of the Bizarre: Circus Sideshow Spring Edition

Among all the events in Toronto’s goth community, it is by far my most highly anticipated, a heartening occasion to reconnect with all the talented and crafty freaks in this city.

Hosted by Plastik Wrap at The Pia Bouman School of Ballet at 6 Noble St., the Circus Sideshow spring edition of the Bazaar is coming up on March 27th from 11AM to 6 PM and I am delighted to be vending next to the brilliant comic book artist Becca T-R!


For this incarnation of the Bazaar, I will have prints of selected watercolour pieces, and two original acrylic canvas series available for sale:

The Live Wire series subverts still life tropes replacing organic matter with wires and cables. It’s a collection for the cyberpunk nerds, for the technocratic-neo-hippies and gaming-rig operators.

Six of the ten original Live Wire canvases remain.

The Live Wire series by Synescape Cyberpunk artThe Ombré Series canvases are statement pieces intended as the focal centre of a room. Averaging 4×6 feet, these enormous paintings transform an empty space into a keyhole vision of the beautiful celestial sphere.

The three canvases are named after the skyscapes they portray: Sunset, Sunrise and the surprise final piece, Starlight.ombreseriespromo

A horror aficionado and well-rounded geek, Becca T-R has a professional portfolio of sequential art and illustration.

Her style is whimsical and emotive, ranging from adorable cartoon illustrations and children’s books, to dark dramas with an aesthetic that would make Clive Barker blush.

Becca T-R has just launched her new website and with it the first chapter of her horror story the Twisted Tale of a Tortured Raven. If you love her sequential work, come pick up a copy of Proxy her autobiographical meta horror comic and support her via Patreon.

Becca T-R's Raven comic book

Becca T-R's Raven comic book
Becca T-R’s comic Twisted Tales of a Tortured Raven


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