Killing Joke - Pylon

Album Review – Killing Joke – Pylon (2015)

Full disclosure – I didn’t consider myself a big Killing Joke fan – but after listening to Pylon, I feel like I’ve been missing out on a unique experience.

The band reunited with their original format a few years ago, and have since been steadily pressing albums.

Killing Joke are the prophesied horsemen of the apocalypse, an aural assault of melodic chords and power riffs, guided by Jaz’s legendary political diatribe. Released just in October this year, Pylon is utterly mind-blowing.

Check out my full review on Spill Magazine – you don’t want to miss this.

Killing Joke – Pylon 2015 on iTunes Music – Buy the damn album!

2 thoughts on “Album Review – Killing Joke – Pylon (2015)

  1. The Brain in the Jar

    I don’t think KJ fit the definition of Post-Punk anymore. They’ve been pounding Industrial Rock for some time and they do it well. Pandemonium is a killer album.

    I’m not sure about the revolution and political insight though. KJ are just one of the million bands who hate the world and makes fun music to hating the world to. I never saw them say anything interesting. Throwing Molotov cocktails is fun, but doesn’t always improve things.


    • synescape

      There’s so much inane anger in industrial music, I have some respect for a band that at least tries to be political. Sure raging at the British government and unnamed corporations is straight out of the bargain bin of political discourse – but do you think KJ’s critique was ever culturally relevant, or just another act capitalizing on extraneous angst?


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