Ode to Spright – the little scoot that could

It was love at the first sight:

Honda PCX 150 2013 model


I met her on the sales floor of the Motoretta store on College Street and her smooth curves and slick body were forever pressed into my mind.

Driving a car in downtown Toronto is insanity so I had long ago decided that I’m going to be a two wheeled motorist for the better half of the year that allows me to do so. The decision that remained was between a motorcycle and a decent engine size scooter that I could take to highway speeds.

The decision process went a little like this:

Photo on 2014-08-20 at 11.43 AM #2

The list was compiled with help from several other biker friends and with every point they made in favour of the little Honda, I interjected with a whispered “…but bikes are cooler”

In the end the adult in me won, and the deal was made. I clutched an envelope with more cash than I’ve ever help to my chest and ran as fast as my heels could take me back to the dealership.

Like Eve baptizing all the garden’s creatures, I dubbed her Spright and proceeded to take boss selfies:

Smug does not even begin to describe the feels here


I will never forget walking to the LCBO to acquire a mandatory bottle of bubbly on the delivery day. I saw the truck from afar with Spright’s handlebars peeking over the surrounding traffic and broke into a sprint to await her on my porch. I was so excited I tripped over my pants¬†and did a full blown face plant half a block away just as the truck rounded the corner; even the scrapes and bruises did not diminish the joy of being handed her keys.

I’ve never looked back since. The past summer she’s been my best friend and the joy of riding her has never dwindled even on the drive to work on a cold rainy day …like in about an hour from now.



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