Burning Chrome feat. Autovoice & Dj High Voltage + Visuals by SΛRIN

Burning Chrome feat. Autovoice live

Burning Chrome returns to its home at 2872 Dundas Street West on April 12th with yet another sublime guest performance by AUTOVOICE with Projection Visuals by SΛRIN.

Prepare your ears for strange symphonies…

[ Autovoice + Visuals by SΛRIN ]

Founded in 1995 in congruence with the artistic vision of Johnny S., Autovoice is an experiment combining the raw energy of industrial, sombre dark ambient influences and noise accents. Through numerous collaborations with other artists, Autovoice has evolved a singularly eccentric and nebulously alluring sound, delivering indelible live performances.
http://autovoice.bandcamp.com/ ]
http://www.youtube.com/user/autovoice ]
http://www.facebook.com/VXSARIN ]

[ DJ High Voltage ]

Jarod had his start as a DJ in the Oshawa area in 1992. At the end of 1994
he became a frequent guest at The Catacombs in Toronto for Sound Sphere,
a showcase for abstract electronica and IDM. He watched his friends from back home develop industrial and synth projects such as Technocratz, Auracle and Autovoice. He then guested at the Lust & Rust parties on Richmond Street, hosted by DJ Mars. These eventually became the more populist event known as The Freak Show. For this set, Jarod will be returning to his roots, presenting a wide-ranging retrospective of his more creative gigs throughout the nineties. Several tracks will be taken directly from his sets for the Smerk parties at Holy Joe’s / The Big Bop which were hosted by Peter of Belladonna Killz. This set is dedicated to him.


[ Skeletalkitten & Synescape ]
The sonically deviant duo serving the most exquisite selection of noise, experimental, IDM, dark ambient and witch house.


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