Burning Chrome wsg. Iron Imp & ϟ†Nϟ

Burning Chrome feat. Iron Imp and SINS

February 8th @ The Devil’s Cellar

We’re back with another skull pounding night of noise, experimental & IDM.

Our special guests this month are so twisted they flawlessly execute gordian knots with sound waves. Join us in welcoming a one-of-a-kind live performance and two extraordinary guest DJs:

The insurrectionary sound surgeon is ready to chisel your Corpus Callosum with never before heard tonescapes. From the 905 foundries, comes an industrial onslaught that will leave you breathless.

[ ϟ†Nϟ ]
ϟ†Nϟ exists outside of time and space. The music and art made by ϟ†Nϟ focuses on coming to terms with the bleak remains of our dying world and transforming the pain into something cosmic and beautiful.

An aural weapon of mass destruction unleashes its apocalyptic fury on our stage. Cataclysm and delight eddy into an synaptic cocktail that will strike an awe into your senses.


[ Skeletalkitten & Synescape ]
Spinning noise, experimental, IDM and dark ambient


Gear & trinkets from special vendor
[ H.Y.P.E.R.T.E.X.T.S.T.Y.L.E.S ]

>> PWYC All Ages 19+ at the bar
>> The Devil’s Cellar
>> 2872 Dundas Street West in the basement of Celt’s Pub


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